Pathway Clusters

Find your path.

At Monroe County Community College, every passion has a pathway. We help you explore your passions and find the future that's right for you by offering credit courses across a wide range of disciplines through numerous pathway clusters.

These pathway clusters provide groups of academic programs with similar interests, requirements, content or orientation – some carrying their own professional or academic accreditation.

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Applied Technology and Apprenticeships Pathway

Gain real world, hands-on experience using cutting edge technology for a career in scientific technology fields like manufacturing, automotive and nuclear energy or as a member of an engineering team.

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Business, Accounting and Management Pathway

Explore the many facets of the business world with this pathway that can lead to careers in areas such as accounting, finance, operations, management, sales, marketing, human resources and supply chain. This pathway also serves budding entrepreneurs ready to learn how to start their own business.

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Communication, Digital and Fine Arts Pathway

Do you enjoy writing, speaking and research? Do you see yourself as a critical thinker and a creator? Academic programs in this pathway can lead to careers in public relations, advertising, the arts, writing, editing, journalism and more. 

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Computer Technology Pathway

You could administer computer networks, secure data, manage information, develop applications, and design and develop video games in this constantly evolving field.

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Criminal Justice Pathway

MCCC's Criminal Justice pathway options prepare you for challenging careers in law enforcement, corrections, security and other criminal justice fields. Examine the history and philosophy of criminal justice; the organization, management and operation of modern criminal justice agencies; the laws impacting criminal justice functions, and more.

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Education Pathway

Do you love inspiring people to learn? Through MCCC's Education pathway, you can ignite young minds and pursue a fulfilling career in teaching. This pathway prepares you to teach in early childhood, elementary and secondary school settings. Learn to apply your skills and personality to becoming an effective, inspiring educator.

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Health Sciences Pathway

MCCC’s health sciences programs offer numerous pathways to high-demand jobs that focus on improving health and enhancing quality of life.

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Human Service and Social Sciences Pathway

MCCC's Human Service and Social Sciences pathway allows you to develop skills that lead directly to careers related to helping others and serving communities via transfer tracks in psychology and social work.

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Math, Science and Engineering Pathway

If math, science and engineering are music to your ears, this is the pathway for you! We'll help you prepare for a strong start toward your bachelor's degree and put you on your way to the forefront of the innovations and developments that will impact our world in the coming years.